Each Client is Assigned a Local or “800” Number

  • All clients have their own dedicated telephone number.
  • Keep your regular telephone number private and confidential.
  • This feature is especially useful for selling real estate and other property.

Record Greetings in Your Own Voice or Ours

  • Personalized greetings and voice mail messages.

Professionally Recorded Announcements Available

  • Arrangements can be made to have your announcement professionally recorded.

Caller Has Option to Immediately Notify You

  • Urgent notification by our system, via your phone or pager.

Option to be Transferred to a Live Operator

  • A caller can be given the option of being connected with a live operator.
  • This is an important feature in case of emergency situations when human intervention is required.

Option to be Transferred to a “For More Information” Number

  • Callers can access linked, secondary mailboxes in order to obtain additional information.

Operator Can Give Caller Option to be Transferred to Voice Mailbox

  • Accounts can be set up whereby calls are first answered by a live operator who then gives the caller the option of leaving their message on a specific individual’s voice mailbox.
  • Convenient when more than one employee wants to manage their own messages.

Broadcasts Can be Made to Multiple Mailboxes

  • Our client’s management can broadcast important messages to all linked voice mailboxes.
  • Allows employees to check in at anytime, anywhere for instructions or vital information.


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