An Extension of Your Office

  • We follow clients’ specific instructions.

  • Callers believe they have reached our clients’ office.

  • Calls can be transferred (patched) to our clients wherever they are. 

  • This is an economical way to enhance today’s virtual office.

  • Outsourcing your telephone receptionist function to us will considerably lower your in-house staffing costs.

Customized AccountsLive Answering Service

  • Our “cutting-edge” systems and software applications are programmed with our clients’ specific business information and data-capture requirements.

  • To take a closer look at the screen, CLICK HERE or click directly on the screen.

Message Accuracy

  • All messages are verified live with callers.

  • Voice recordings are available.

  • Messages are archived.

Timely Message Delivery

  • Our computers deliver your messages automatically by fax, voice, alpha and numeric paging, text messaging to your cell phone and e-mail at intervals specified by our clients.

  • Callers can be given the option of recording a message directly into client’s voice mailbox.

Competent, Trained Staff

  • All of our operators are professional and courteous.

  • Our staff is always eager to help our clients’ callers.

  •  A supervisor is always available to assist you.

Quality Control

  • Management monitors the telephone lines and all operations therein.

  • We offer a wide variety of features to our clients.

  • At regular intervals throughout the day, management runs searches within our system to make sure messages do not remain undelivered.

Competitive Pricing

  • We charge for only the time (in six-second increments) spent connected to your calls.

  • We automatically discount for higher volumes!


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