Phone Receptionist

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A phone receptionist’s job is based on properly interacting with people on the telephone.  A virtual receptionist or phone receptionist using A-1 Message Center provides you with the professional operators you need to handle your calls, without the cost of hiring additional staff. 

Use A-1 Message Center for all your phone receptionist needs. We will answer incoming calls and route them to the correct people within your organization.  The phone receptionist can also take messages or specially process the calls, as you instruct.  This is all done using proper phone etiquette to make a good impression on the callers.

When you use A-1 Message Center as your phone receptionist after hours, we input your specific and detailed instructions into our system. This insures that the trained agent, as instructed, can direct the caller to phone back during normal business hour; or answer FAQ’s such as hours of operation, directions, locations; or the agent can just take a message and deliver it to your company using a delivery option such as voice, text messaging or email.

With phone receptionist services from A-1 Message Center you will never miss an important call.  A-1 Message Center can supply phone receptionist services to free up your time to make calls, meet with existing clients, or discuss new business with prospective clients.  A-1 Message Center provides 24/7/365 availability to your customers.

To speak to a Sales Representative about phone receptionist answering service - call Kevin Haas or Robert Manheimer at: 888-437-3600 or email