Funeral Home Answering Service

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With A-1 Message Center as your funeral home answering service, your phone calls are forwarded to our trained employees, who will treat your callers in the same professional, courteous manner in which you would answer your own phone.  Our courteous and professional agents will treat your clients with sensitivity in the time of mourning following a loved one’s passing. 

We represent your business and take great pride in maintaining your reputation as this also reflects on our business goals.  With your funeral home, mortician service, or cemetery business, A-1 Message Center responds to calls for your business at any time and can provide compassionate and customer care whether from a client, business associate, or health care facility.

We are based in the USA, and our professional, courteous receptionists are also based in the USA.  Your callers will always be answered with a greeting of your choice.  When a message is received, it will be forwarded to you via email, fax, text message, or voicemail.  A-1 Message Center can supply funeral home answering services for you to free up your time to make calls, meet with existing clients, or discuss arrangements with new clients. 

A-1 Message Center can relay your important message by voice, text, email, fax or pager.   You decide when you want to receive your routine messages versus notifications of a death or other emergency situations.

A-1 Message Center can provide funeral home answering services for after hours, overflow, or remote reception support  with 24/7/365 availability to your customers.

To speak to a Sales Representative about funeral home answering services - call Kevin Haas or Robert Manheimer at: 888-437-3600 or email